Meet VOLTA Multipurpose Powerbank by Taknick Innovation , the ultimate all purpose portable power bank. VOLTA V01, the latest innovation in charging technology, is compact, lightweight, and has up to 75w of power delivery. VOLTA V07 lets you charge anything, anywhere. Even laptops. VOLTA V07 charges laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart watches and just about anything else. The built-in universal compatible to all 5V-24V DC Device; all powered by Lithium Ion Batteries. 

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….its ability when plugged in to multi device power hub for everything from smartphone to drone everything, The VOLTA V01 for an excellent traveler desk companion

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Say “Hello” to Your Laptop's New Best Friend.

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Wide Range of Compatibility 


20100 mAh Power


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Huge and untouched Market 

Wide Range Of Compatibility


High Quality Testing

Proudly Made In India Product

TAKNICK was formed by a group of consumer electronics veterans who have a passion for
innovation. As our world continues to evolve, technology enables us to be creative and
productive no matter where are. Our goal is provide you with premium goods that support
your tech lifestyle.
Our global team is comprised of industry experts who are amazing at what they
do. Collectively our team has worked on numerous successful crowdfunding campaigns and
has a proven track record of delivery. Crowdfunding is our avenue to deliver our products
direct to you without the markup of traditional retailers. This means you get great quality
gear at amazing prices

We Innovate For Satisfying Need of Society

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