Taknick Volta Laptop Powerbank DC Adaptor Square Pin


  • Size: Square
  • Input: 5.5*2.5mm DC plug Female
  • Conversion end: Square with pin Male
  • Color: Black


5.0mm x 2.5mm female to pin Male Square jack Converter Pin.

Input Connector: 5.0mm x 2.5mm round jack(Female).
Output Connector: Square with pin inside (Male)
Length: 15cm (0.49 feet). Connect this adapter between old type 5.0mm x 2.5mm round jack to Square DC input port
Compatible Laptops : (Lenovo Thinkpad)
Box content: 1 x 5.0mm x 2.5mm Round Female to Square Male Plug DC Volta Laptop Charger Adapter Converter.


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