Carry the power you need. Anytime. Anywhere.

The next generation of powerbanks.
Charge anything from your smartwatch to your laptop.

21,000 mAh Massive Battery

Do more when you have a massive power backup with a colossal 21,000 mAh battery that will outlast your power needs.

More Power To You

More power = more batteries = more weight. RIght? Wrong!
Volta features India’s only high-capacity battery cells that deliver more power in a compact lightweight design.

Personalize Your Power

Every single device has different power requirements.
Adjust the power you need based on your device with just a flick of a switch.

Robust Yet Elegant

Step further and take Volta on your wildest adventures.
Its robust body can withstand day-to-day activities, plus it’s got a fireproof cover.

Widely Compatible

Forget carrying a different charger for every device.
Charge your laptop, phone, watch, headphones with Volta’s widest compatibility.

Take charge of your devices & #PowerUp with Volta

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